These are some of my current goals. This goal list has a time frame of now (May 2017) until I start graduate school (~August 2018). You can see my goal lists from previous years in the above drop down menu.

Answer over 1,000 Questions on Khan AcademyCOMPLETE
Achieve over 6 million points on Khan Academy5.960 million
Have a streak for over one year on Khan AcademyCOMPLETE
Reformat and Upgrade my old Windows based computerPENDING
Ride the entire Lakeshore bike path with my girlfriendCOMPLETE 06/02
Update my Linkedin profileCOMPLETE Version 1
Update my Curriculum VitaePENDING
Publish my Research WorkPENDING
Update and Organize music on my Ipod/ComputerCOMPLETE
Bike to the Extreme Ice Exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry PENDING
Track 30 new recipesCOMPLETE
Watch 5 "sporty" animes0 out of 5
Watch 15 other animesPENDING
Watch Naruto in full with WifeOn Episode 52
Identify 5 new Muscians/bands that I greatly enjoyPENDING
Try to SkateboardPENDING
Graduate from Undergraduate collegePENDING
Get Accepted into Graduate SchoolPENDING
Try 5 different Vegan Restaurants1 out of 5 (Kitchen 17)
Beat all of the Kingdom Hearts games in succession on PS4PENDING (KH1, 2, COM DONE)
Go to ACENCOMPLETE 05/2017
Learn where ALL the countries are on map quizzes. Also: Key geographical sites like Mountains, lakes, rivers, etc.PENDING
Read over 15 books in 2017 10 out of 15
Read 6+ books from January 2018 to August 2018PENDING
Reach over 600 Subscribers to my YouTube Channel485 out of 600
Produce an Intro/Outro for my educational videosPENDING
Produce quality educational videos (10+)0 out of 10
Travel somewhere and Camp for a few daysPENDING
Win 25 games of Chess Online0 out of 25
Create a Kingdom Hearts (or related) "Advent" Calendar month onlinePENDING
Watch all of GintamaPENDING
Go to my first Cubs gameCOMPLETE 08/02
Sit out in a Hammock and have a BBQ with GF PENDING
Go to Six FlagsPENDING
Learn and be able to write in LatexPENDING
Watch at least 5 full course lectures on The Theoretical MinimumPENDING
Get a Telescope and Scope the Stars!PENDING