Goals 2016

My annual goal list for 2016 features a general theme of being more disciplined. I’ve set myself up for a year filled with routine which should enable me to achieve maximum health and optimize my abilities to learn what I need to learn this year. While last year I built my physics and mathematics repertoire up, this year I will continue build and use my new-found tools to begin researching and digging into the realms of physics. My goals reflect these wishes. 2016 will be the year that I return to my insane discipline and achieve a daily routine that mimics a machine.

Goals 2016 
Present my researchComplete!
Write a scientific report on my researchPENDING
Attend two Physics seminarsPENDING
Read five popular Physics books2 out of 5 [The Fabric of the Cosmos, Three roads to Quantum Gravity]
Learn how to code Fortran, Python, and C++PENDING
Achieve 3500Facebook friends and 100 followers3080 out of 4000, 41 out of 100
Watch three anime seriesComplete! [Natsume, Log Horizon, Accel World]
Watch six anime movies3 out of 6 [Steins;Gate Movie, Steam Boy, Ninja Scrolls]
Attend an anime conventionPENDING
Tutor three peoplePENDING
Help a complete strangerPENDING
Complete five courses on Konoz1 out of 5 [Pyhton Programming]
Achieve 6,000,000 energy points on Khan Academy5.40 out of 6.0 million
Achieve mastery over all of Khan Academy's skills sans twenty of themComplete!
Answer over 1,000 questions on Khan Academy850 out of 1000
Have over 1,000 posts on Physicsforums914 out of 1000
Offer homework help in at least 50 different threads on PF1 out of 50
Read two technical physics booksPENDING

These articles will be my featured blog post for the year. They will take a general subject that I’ve looked into over the past few years and analyze it in some way.

Articles to Write 
On "Anarcho-Capitalism"PENDING
On "RBE with Science"PENDING
On "The Importance of Veganism"PENDING
On "Anarcho-Communism"PENDING