Goals 2014

Things to Accomplish in 2014

TaskDate Accomplished
Learn basic JapaneseFAIL!
Transfer to a University in search for a Physics degreeComplete!
Update my website at least once a monthComplete!
Attend at least one anime 'convention'Complete! 05/16 [ACEN]
Read at least one book per month.10 OUT OF 12
Stay vegetarian for the entire yearComplete!
Take one Vacation away from everythingFAIL!
Beat Kingdom hearts 2 once KH 2.5 HD Remix comes outFAIL!
Attend at least one 'protest' or 'conference' this yearFAIL!
Understand Physics on a much higher level relative to my 01/01/2014 understanding.Complete!
Evolve as an artist! Complete one great sketch/painting per monthFAIL!
Create my first computer program!Complete!
Learn at least ten new recipes that I make at least twice this year.Complete!
Meet someone new that changes my life!Complete! 08/09
Help a complete stranger.Complete!
Create a collection of videos to improve my public speaking abilities.PENDING
Defeat Final Fantasy X | X-2 HDFAIL!
Defeat five human beings in a game of chess.Complete! 05/11
Reach over 1 million energy points on Khan Academy.Complete! 02/20
Reach over 2 million energy points on Khan Academy.Complete! 05/18
Reach over 3 million energy points on Khan Academy.Complete! 08/08
Try out a vegan diet for one full week.Complete! 07/21
Try a different sleeping pattern for at least 10+ days.Complete!
Help tutor someone.Complete!
Create and Upload an AMVComplete!
Give my site and Facebook page a new personal design.Complete!


8 thoughts on “Goals 2014”

  1. jo ron, just checked yur vidz n yt.

    and from this i enjoy reading something personal from a guy which meet daily for arund 4-5 years.

    Never lose your goals in live mate, thats sometimes all what yu have.

    cu bro

  2. Duce, man, yeah! I appreciate the good words. It’s nice seeing you around.

    I sitll remember the many months of WHOS KING OF YR? D.U.C.E.!

    Hahaha. Thanks tho for checking in.


  3. i will keep an eye to you from time to time bro.
    and i will never forget how polite u were at the game.

    girls, i never meet this guy in real life or talked t him… but his worth a date.

    ron… cu around mate!

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