Goals 2015

For me, 2015 promises to be the year of math and physics. My educational goals reflect this reality. I am most excited about the prospects of creating calculus instructional videos as this will be a demanding, but important project for me. I also have a lot of educational goals based on teaching/helping others. One of my life goals is to make science and math more exciting and easier to understand so this fits naturally.

Educational Goals for 2015 
Create a collection of Calculus instructional videosFAILED!
Tutor three peopleComplete!
Answer over 500 questions on Khan AcademyComplete!
Reach 5,000,000 points on Khan AcademyReached 5,000,000 on January 17, 2016
Reach 1,000 posts on Physics Forum550 OUT OF 1,000
Obtain a math tutor jobFAILED!
Read the Feynman Lectures [Part I and II] entirely. FAILED!
Obtain 100% Mastery over Trigonometry and Geometry on Khan Academy~75%
Complete the entire Physics Video Playlist on Khan Academy~80%

My life goals for 2015 are about becoming even more efficient and achieving better results. Topics such as ‘hacking’ the body to perform better will fall under this umbrella. I also debated whether to add the ‘vegan’ goal here since it has become a part of me. Remaining vegan does not feel like a goal to be achieved, but rather a part of my regular life now.

Life Goals for 2015 
Learn and regularly apply 3 lifehacker techniques1 OUT OF 3
Remain vegan all yearComplete!
Try five vegan-based restaurants3 OUT OF 5 [Native Foods, La Cantina, Fritz Pastry]
Write at least two blog posts per monthFAILED!
Read six booksComplete! 7/6
Learn Basic JapaneseComplete!
Meet someone who changes my lifeComplete!
Participate in a MarathonFAILED!
Create my own businessFAILED!

On the lighter side, these goals are to remind me to take a break and enjoy life. A balance is necessary to remain steady in this world.

Other Goals for 2015 
Win 50 games of Chess on Chess.comFAILED!
Play 5 human beings in ChessFAILED!
Watch five new anime seriesCOMPLETE! [Tokyo Ghoul, Sword Art Online, One Punch Man, Steins;Gate, Gintama]
Watch three anime moviesCOMPLETE! [Hotarubi no Mori e, When There Was Marnie, The Wind Rises]
Go to an Anime ConventionComplete! 05/17
Create an AMVFAILED!
Learn YogaFAILED!
Fill my room with math inspired artistic creations.Complete!
Go on a vacation away from everythingComplete! 05/08 Grand Canyon

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