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The Burden of Proof Lies with The Meat-Eater


It upsets me when meat-eaters ask me why I am vegan. I often respond by turning the question around and asking…

Why do you eat meat when “we are optimized to eat mostly or exclusively plant foods according to the best evidence?” Humans are biologically herbivores. Source


Why do you eat meat when the average meat-eater is responsible for almost two times as much global warming as the average vegetarian and close to three times that of a vegan? Source
Download the PDF Report: Here

Why do you promote violence on me (and others) through unnecessary pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gases, and resource waste? Source

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Welcome to the Mars Project. We have Evolved.

Check out this three-part video series that debunks the idea of claiming human nature  as a reason to eat animals. The typical appeal to human nature fallacy is often used as an excuse animal eaters use to morally justify their choices. The fact is, we have evolved beyond the primitive stage of hunter-gatherer mentality and require a more sustainable and moral approach.

 Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2

Part 3