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Of Rational Communication

rationaldiscussionHaving essentially grown up through the internet, I’ve taking part in all sorts of discussions. Serious discussions and not so serious discussions… all through various means of communication. When I analyze social change and how to best obtain results, the topic of communication remains forefront. How do we communicate most effectively? Do I get my point across properly? It has become clear to me that with the infinite pile of garbage information that exists, communicating in an effective way is of utmost importance towards creating a better future. However, we live in a society that has evolved from dead, inefficient language systems that perpetuate throughout our communication.

I want to be clear. What matters is the full idea and reasoning behind the idea being communicated in an effective and efficient way. This does not imply that both parties uphold perfect grammar or spelling, however, key words must be well-defined and accepted upon in the discussion. It is important to understand that everyone you communicate with has a different background then you. Words, key definitions, slang, and memes that may mean something to you, may mean nothing to them.

“Very few people can communicate with one another.  The only language that’s not subject to interpretation is mathematics, chemistry, basic science, engineering principles, and applied agriculture.  But other than that, many systems today are subject to interpretation.” ~ Jacque Fresco, TVP teamspeak seminar, January 15 2012

As Jacques Fresco states, the best language to communicate with is the language of science as it is well-defined.

With that being said, the ambition of this infographic is to create an atmosphere of rational communication between two opposing viewpoints where an honest, evidence-based decision can be made on the topic of choice. Only when we can communicate properly and be willing to alter our viewpoints, can we make the change that will create a more evolved civilization.

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A Discussion on How to break the Cycle of Hatred

This is such a beautiful discussion. Even if you do not watch Naruto, you should be able to understand this discussion.

Will society ever exist in peace and understanding? Is it possible for humans to understand one another? In my opinion, I think it is. In the future, we will communicate in different ways then we do now. Our current communication is harmful to understanding. In a future world, we would communicate similarly to how scientist and engineers communicate. These people transcend language barriers as it is required for their jobs. There is no room for open interpretation in building a bridge.

What is so compelling about this discussion is the reality that both people (Pein and Naruto) suffered from the same societal problems and decided to respond in similar ways. Both idealistic dreamers wished to change the world for the better and create a better future, but failed to understand one another’s past. Similarly, our society creates instances of this exact phenomena. Through poverty, wars, and other problems we are constantly creating hate and people who seek revenge. If we truly want to reach a level of peace, we first need to understand this and wash away the past. Only once we start to treat each human being (note: expand it to every conscious being) like we treat our ‘family members’ will we start down the road of peace. We need to see each other as brothers, sisters, and loved ones and not as ‘outsiders’ to build past this cycle of hatred.

People often ask me why I trust people as I do, and this is precisely why. The world will never get better without this level of trust, and there is too much to gain from trying it out. Trusting others is a prerequisite to achieving a more civilized society.

Three Questions: What do you Propose?

Earlier this week, Peter Joseph and The Zeitgeist Movement published a video providing three essential questions regarding the current system that we live in. Essentially, the group is asking for answers to these seemingly impossible-to-answer questions that strike at the heart of the current market system.

I firmly believe that if you can sit through this video and still feel that the current system must be maintained then you are either delusional or ignorant. Possibly, you have an answer to these questions that differs from the answers obtained? If so, feel free to comment via the YouTube link and let them know your answer to these questions.

Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xGyKuyGhaE&feature=share

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A Science of Morality and Society

Matt Berkowitz “A Science of Morality and Society”

The moment you grant that the worst possible misery for everyone is the worst case scenario we could imagine, and that morality has to do with well-being, you have to admit there are better and worse ways to proceed with respect to morality — which is of course contingent on the laws of nature and the scientific method to uncover.

I. Morals must relate to the well-being of conscious creatures.

II. The worst possible misery for everyone is the worst case scenario we could imagine.

There are better and worse ways to proceed with respect to morality.

Taking a ‘Values’ Test

Recently, I’ve began my search for the empirical value set that I look to present to society in the hopes to realign some of our distorted values. I believe this is the first step towards a better future. Without ranting too much about our current society let’s realize a few value based problems that we currently face:

1. All values and morals are equal! Moral Relativism! There can’t be an objective basis for morality.

This is simply wrong. To quote The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris:

Meaning, values, morality, and the good life must relate to facts about the well-being of conscious creatures-and, in our case, must lawfully depend upon events in the world and upon states of the human brain. Rational, open-ended, honest inquiry has always been the true source of insight into such processes. Faith, if it is ever right about anything, is right by accident.”

You are partially responsible for the thoughts and values of others! There is simply nowhere to hide from the collective consciousness. How have we convinced ourselves that all views must be equal on this matter? We are all in this together and if we want to escape a problematic fate then we need to find a value set that is based around objective understanding of our well-being. This is what I am searching for.

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