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Free Educational Tools that I’m Currently Using

As an avid student I often wonder what the future of the school system holds. With an increasing amount of education now open online the old notion connecting school with knowledge has been destroyed. Presently, it would be utterly impossible for anyone with an internet connection to study even a fraction of what is available online.

The school system will continue to exist as it hides behind the notion of credibility (as if history majors or economists require credentials for example), however the question will be how the system either embraces the change that technology has granted us with or stands pat to traditional and outdated approaches.

There may be no better program for the understanding of basic mathematics than the Khan Academy online. Hopefully a sign of things to come, some schools (check here) have piloted Khan Academy in the classroom. Esplori is in the process of taking things one step further. Federico Pistono, the founder of Esplori, hopes to bridge the language gap between open online education tools and the language barriers known to humanity. The potential of this idea is fantastic and has the ability to change the world on a large-scale, giving people who never had a chance, the tools to make a difference. The future of education is bright. The responsibility is now on humans to realize the importance of education and make a difference.

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