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Review: 2014 Goals

As 2014 comes to an end, so too does the possibility of achieving any last-minute goals this year. I recall creating the goal list last December (2013) and mentally visualizing where I would be in preparation for 2015. I wanted to gather an education plan and transfer to a university (accomplished), become financially stable and work part-time to hasten my studies (accomplished), manifest my website into a personal hub of self-expression and utilize it towards my study goals (accomplished),  and learn as much as possible (accomplished sort of =p). However, I also wanted to take a vacation away from everything as I thought I would need to take some time to ‘relax.’ (failed, I don’t know how to ‘relax’) While I did not take this assumed vacation, the reason may be because I did not need to. I was perfectly content with my work-to-play balance throughout the year.

10863784_796039747099353_8167029573984411958_o I start 2015 off in a new home near my place of work and university. I have falling in love with office supplies and now I am the proud owner of three whiteboards in my room. I am within 30 seconds walking distance to UIC’s Richard Daley Library and Learning Center and have a set work and school schedule for the entire year ahead. 2015 promises to be a year dedicated to education for me with all the stars aligning to focus on my long-term goals. Continue reading Review: 2014 Goals

Review – Kino’s Journey


*Warning: Spoilers*

“The world is not beautiful, therefore it is [beautiful].”

Kino’s Journey is a 13 episode fantasy anime series that centers around Kino and her travels throughout the very different countries that she visits. The countries range from places filled with only machines, places where prophecies are made and adhered to, and even to places where children are drugged at a certain age to turn into emotionless adults. The countries are creative and immediately draw you into the story. While character development is not the focus of this show, one still can’t help but feel a wide variety of emotions during Kino’s finest moments.

Animation [7.5/10]

The animation is well enough to take the viewer on a visual journey throughout the different countries that Kino and Hermes (the talking motorcycle that accompaniedAnimation Kino) travel to. The animation tends to be much more simplistic rather than ambitious or chaotic. However, the simplistic style of the animation functions well with the deeper philosophical tones of the show. While the animation was above average, it was not the main focus of the series.

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