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Some Things I Would Have Done Differently in My Pursuit of a Degree in Physics

In pursuing a physics degree, I have stumbled into many problems a long the way. Here are some of them and what I wish I did differently.

1. Start Young

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not young. This will ultimately end up being a moot point for most of you. However, I am constantly contemplating where I would be if I had started studying physics (really, science in general) at an earlier age.

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First Educational Videos

Over winter break I decided to acquire a Wacom Bamboo tablet so that I could create educational videos/tutorials online and broadcast them via YouTube. The end goal is to host an abudance of creative calculus style videos that focus on conceptual understanding of the problems and a good source of examples a long with a range of extra materials to help the user.

Before I could do all that, I needed to experiment with the software/hardware and see what my possibilities are. Little did I know how difficult it was speaking to a camera and trying to get all the information out in a reasonable amount of time. So, on average, I’ve ended up spending an hour or so on a ~10 minute physics problem transferring about half of the information that I wanted to get to the user. With that being said, my confidence is growing and my knowledge about the tools is progressing. It’s also been a hell of a study tool for me.

Here are my first two videos. Hopefully they are the start of a very long project that ends up helping many people understand mathematics and physics. Feel free to leave a comment here or on YouTube if you have a suggestion for me.

Three Step One Dimensional Kinematics Equation Problem

Two-Dimensional Kinematics Problem

Well… there a start…