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Taking a ‘Values’ Test

Recently, I’ve began my search for the empirical value set that I look to present to society in the hopes to realign some of our distorted values. I believe this is the first step towards a better future. Without ranting too much about our current society let’s realize a few value based problems that we currently face:

1. All values and morals are equal! Moral Relativism! There can’t be an objective basis for morality.

This is simply wrong. To quote The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris:

Meaning, values, morality, and the good life must relate to facts about the well-being of conscious creatures-and, in our case, must lawfully depend upon events in the world and upon states of the human brain. Rational, open-ended, honest inquiry has always been the true source of insight into such processes. Faith, if it is ever right about anything, is right by accident.”

You are partially responsible for the thoughts and values of others! There is simply nowhere to hide from the collective consciousness. How have we convinced ourselves that all views must be equal on this matter? We are all in this together and if we want to escape a problematic fate then we need to find a value set that is based around objective understanding of our well-being. This is what I am searching for.

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