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konoz and The Future of Learning


What is konoz?

“konoz is a website where YouTubers can transform their videos into courses, and learners can support their favorite creators. Think of it as a personal Khan Academy for YouTube educators.” – FAQ

konoz is an educational platform that is bridging the gap between outdated educational methods and the new frontier of technologically advanced educational methods. Right now, konoz is in its alpha stage and is being tested before being released to the public. However, if you have a class (on just about anything) you can get in on the platform now.

What is the variety of courses like on konoz? As of today, there exists over twenty different physics based courses, plenty of math courses, history courses, computer science courses and so on with regards to your traditional educational catalog. However, konoz is not limited to the traditional outline. You can also learn how to garden, dance, brew, and play pranks on people thru the konoz platform. It is all neatly organized by categories and easily searchable.

konoz Intro Video

Why is konoz important?

konoz offers free access to education to anyone with an internet connection. Currently, konoz is compatible in three languages with plans to expand shortly. With a platform as robust and easy to navigate as konoz offers, educators and students can effortlessly connect and share information.

I am a current member of konoz alpha and have enjoyed navigating around the website and checking out the physics section. I am hopeful to dedicate some time towards making a polished course available on konoz in the near future. I have two alpha invites available to those who are interested in joining the community. Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment here if you are interested in the alpha invite to konoz.

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A message from YouTube educators – konoz

First Educational Videos

Over winter break I decided to acquire a Wacom Bamboo tablet so that I could create educational videos/tutorials online and broadcast them via YouTube. The end goal is to host an abudance of creative calculus style videos that focus on conceptual understanding of the problems and a good source of examples a long with a range of extra materials to help the user.

Before I could do all that, I needed to experiment with the software/hardware and see what my possibilities are. Little did I know how difficult it was speaking to a camera and trying to get all the information out in a reasonable amount of time. So, on average, I’ve ended up spending an hour or so on a ~10 minute physics problem transferring about half of the information that I wanted to get to the user. With that being said, my confidence is growing and my knowledge about the tools is progressing. It’s also been a hell of a study tool for me.

Here are my first two videos. Hopefully they are the start of a very long project that ends up helping many people understand mathematics and physics. Feel free to leave a comment here or on YouTube if you have a suggestion for me.

Three Step One Dimensional Kinematics Equation Problem

Two-Dimensional Kinematics Problem

Well… there a start…