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Some Things I Would Have Done Differently in My Pursuit of a Degree in Physics

In pursuing a physics degree, I have stumbled into many problems a long the way. Here are some of them and what I wish I did differently.

1. Start Young

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not young. This will ultimately end up being a moot point for most of you. However, I am constantly contemplating where I would be if I had started studying physics (really, science in general) at an earlier age.

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konoz and The Future of Learning


What is konoz?

“konoz is a website where YouTubers can transform their videos into courses, and learners can support their favorite creators. Think of it as a personal Khan Academy for YouTube educators.” – FAQ

konoz is an educational platform that is bridging the gap between outdated educational methods and the new frontier of technologically advanced educational methods. Right now, konoz is in its alpha stage and is being tested before being released to the public. However, if you have a class (on just about anything) you can get in on the platform now.

What is the variety of courses like on konoz? As of today, there exists over twenty different physics based courses, plenty of math courses, history courses, computer science courses and so on with regards to your traditional educational catalog. However, konoz is not limited to the traditional outline. You can also learn how to garden, dance, brew, and play pranks on people thru the konoz platform. It is all neatly organized by categories and easily searchable.

konoz Intro Video

Why is konoz important?

konoz offers free access to education to anyone with an internet connection. Currently, konoz is compatible in three languages with plans to expand shortly. With a platform as robust and easy to navigate as konoz offers, educators and students can effortlessly connect and share information.

I am a current member of konoz alpha and have enjoyed navigating around the website and checking out the physics section. I am hopeful to dedicate some time towards making a polished course available on konoz in the near future. I have two alpha invites available to those who are interested in joining the community. Please send me an e-mail or leave a comment here if you are interested in the alpha invite to konoz.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 11.32.10 PM






A message from YouTube educators – konoz

Math is Beautiful


Mathematics has always been beautiful to me. It has a certain purity in it when explaining the universe that allows no misunderstandings or objections, only truth. In my studies of mathematical series, I’ve finally came across Euler’s Formula and Euler’s Identity. The results of these concepts are truly profound and ought to be understood by every human being on this planet. For some reason, they are hidden away behind complex mathematics, but the logic behind it is rather simple. I wonder how education would change if concepts like these were presented to younger minds from the get-go. Would more people be interested in mathematics and thus, science? I digress…

Euler’s Formula
Euler’s formula can be derived:
1. Using the Maclaurin Series of cos(x) and sin(x).

cos(x) = 1 - x^2/(2!)+x^4/(4!)-x^6/(6!)+x^8/(8!)-x^10/(10!)...

sin(x) = x - x^3/(3!)+x^5/(5!)-x^7/(7!)+x^9/(9!)-x^11/(11!)...

2. Using the Maclaurin Series of e^x

e^x approx 1 + x^2/(2!)+x^3/(3!)+x^4/(4!)+x^5/(5!)+x^6/(6!)...

3. Using the imaginary unit for Maclaurin Series of e^ix

e^ix approx 1 + (ix)^2/(2!)+(ix)^3/(3!)+(ix)^4/(4!)+(ix)^5/(5!)+(ix)^6/(6!)...

By applying the rules of imaginary unit, i, the Maclaurin Series of e^ix can be rearranged to form…

e^ix approx (1 - x^2/(2!)+x^4/(4!)-x^6/(6!)+x^8/(8!)...) + i(x-x^3/(3!)+x^5/(5!)-x^7/(7!)+x^9/(9!)...)

4. Therefore, e^ix = cos(x)+isin(x)

This has plenty of further uses in math, but taking a ‘poetic’ dive into math, let us plug in x=pi

5. e^ix with x=pi




This is Euler’s Identity.

What is profound about this? Well, you are relating Euler’s number (e), an important mathematical constant in finance (namely compound interest), with pi which relates a circle’s circumference to its diameter, with imaginary unit i, which is commonly used in engineering disciplines to find roots of polynomials. You relate these three unique constants of mathematics with the two most simple numbers of one and zero. You are connecting vast areas of life together in one beautiful and simple mathematic equation.

If this doesn’t make you feel emotional in any way, then I don’t know what will. This tells us that the universe, in some way, is connected.

Free Educational Tools that I’m Currently Using

As an avid student I often wonder what the future of the school system holds. With an increasing amount of education now open online the old notion connecting school with knowledge has been destroyed. Presently, it would be utterly impossible for anyone with an internet connection to study even a fraction of what is available online.

The school system will continue to exist as it hides behind the notion of credibility (as if history majors or economists require credentials for example), however the question will be how the system either embraces the change that technology has granted us with or stands pat to traditional and outdated approaches.

There may be no better program for the understanding of basic mathematics than the Khan Academy online. Hopefully a sign of things to come, some schools (check here) have piloted Khan Academy in the classroom. Esplori is in the process of taking things one step further. Federico Pistono, the founder of Esplori, hopes to bridge the language gap between open online education tools and the language barriers known to humanity. The potential of this idea is fantastic and has the ability to change the world on a large-scale, giving people who never had a chance, the tools to make a difference. The future of education is bright. The responsibility is now on humans to realize the importance of education and make a difference.

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