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A Discussion on How to break the Cycle of Hatred

This is such a beautiful discussion. Even if you do not watch Naruto, you should be able to understand this discussion.

Will society ever exist in peace and understanding? Is it possible for humans to understand one another? In my opinion, I think it is. In the future, we will communicate in different ways then we do now. Our current communication is harmful to understanding. In a future world, we would communicate similarly to how scientist and engineers communicate. These people transcend language barriers as it is required for their jobs. There is no room for open interpretation in building a bridge.

What is so compelling about this discussion is the reality that both people (Pein and Naruto) suffered from the same societal problems and decided to respond in similar ways. Both idealistic dreamers wished to change the world for the better and create a better future, but failed to understand one another’s past. Similarly, our society creates instances of this exact phenomena. Through poverty, wars, and other problems we are constantly creating hate and people who seek revenge. If we truly want to reach a level of peace, we first need to understand this and wash away the past. Only once we start to treat each human being (note: expand it to every conscious being) like we treat our ‘family members’ will we start down the road of peace. We need to see each other as brothers, sisters, and loved ones and not as ‘outsiders’ to build past this cycle of hatred.

People often ask me why I trust people as I do, and this is precisely why. The world will never get better without this level of trust, and there is too much to gain from trying it out. Trusting others is a prerequisite to achieving a more civilized society.

Current Favorite AMV’s

AMV – Anime Music Video

Here’s a list of five of my favorite AMV’s that I’ve watched. Also, it is now one of my goals this year to create and upload an AMV inspired by these great creations!

1. EyesOnFire by Mentalfate

Creator Mentalfate has a plethora of high quality AMV’s available, but this one tops the list. The music, character, and visual effects all go hand in hand to create a compelling atmosphere. Also, Kurapika is amazing.

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Review – Kino’s Journey


*Warning: Spoilers*

“The world is not beautiful, therefore it is [beautiful].”

Kino’s Journey is a 13 episode fantasy anime series that centers around Kino and her travels throughout the very different countries that she visits. The countries range from places filled with only machines, places where prophecies are made and adhered to, and even to places where children are drugged at a certain age to turn into emotionless adults. The countries are creative and immediately draw you into the story. While character development is not the focus of this show, one still can’t help but feel a wide variety of emotions during Kino’s finest moments.

Animation [7.5/10]

The animation is well enough to take the viewer on a visual journey throughout the different countries that Kino and Hermes (the talking motorcycle that accompaniedAnimation Kino) travel to. The animation tends to be much more simplistic rather than ambitious or chaotic. However, the simplistic style of the animation functions well with the deeper philosophical tones of the show. While the animation was above average, it was not the main focus of the series.

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Why Ni No Kuni Left Me Brokenhearted.

What is Ni No Kuni? Ni No Kuni is a Japanese role-playing video game for the PlayStation 3, developed by Studio Ghibli and Level-5. Ni No Kuni is about a young boy named Oliver who adventures throughout a new world, connected to our world through ‘soul mates.’ Oliver adventures throughout the lands with the help of his stuffed animal Drippy. Being the High Lord of the Fairies, Drippy allows Oliver to travel to and from each world through a gateway spell. These two ultimately fight through various obstacles put in  place by the Dark Queen who seemingly wants to destroy their world for whatever purpose.

I bought Ni No Kuni for a number of reasons. First and foremost, because Studio Ghibli was involved with the production of it. Anything Studio Ghibli touches is of high interest to me. The Studio’s artistic nature has provided me with countless hours of inspiration. I’ve also always been a fan of RPG’s/JRPG’s such as the Final Fantasy series, Tales of  Xillia, Skyrim, and the Fallout series, so new JRPG’s are always of interest to me. One of my favorites has been the Kingdom Hearts series, and I am constantly on the look out for a game that will parallel the greatness of the original Kingdom Hearts.

So what went right? Well, Studio Ghibli did not let us down with the artistic elements behind Ni No Kuni. Due to these great visuals, Ni No Kuni is unlike any other game you’ve played. The word that comes to mind is magical. The art forces you to take notice of the game. The art, more than anything else, brings the player into the game. The game itself is massive and completely immersive. There is countless things you can do in the game, keeping you occupied for a long while. One of the finest touches was the Wizard’s Companion book that is available to you in the game. To get the most out of your experience, you should read the various tales that the game presents and check out the fictional language created just for the game’s fantasy world.

Unfortunately, there is one major problem with the game… The actual game play. The game play is horrid. First off, the game, especially Drippy, treats you as if you are a toddler trying to play a game for the first time in your life. “Okay… use THIS spell now.” “Now, Oliver, you need to build a bridge to get past here.” “Crikey Oliver!! This monster’s weak-spot is its tail. Hit it there!” This destroys any thought process that goes into the game play. I want to be challenged, and feel great when I beat a boss, not end up feeling like a machine just telling the A.I. how to operate things. The repetitive nature of how you advance throughout the game is also a game-killer for me. In the game, you go from town to town to get further in the main storyline. While you are at the town you face various problems with the community and need to help them out in one way or the other. Great! The problem is that every single town features the same monotonous problems. The king of the town is corrupted or brokenhearted, you must mend his heart somehow. So you go through the village doing the same thing you did in the prior village to fix the king’s broken heart. You fix it, here’s a boss fight, and now you are on your way to do the same thing in the next village. Did I mention that I hate when games make you feel like you are just carrying out orders like a machine? Oh I did. Good.

The actual fights are not that spectacular either. The biggest issue with these is the A.I. you receive from your teammates. Your teammates are completely useless in battle because of poor intelligence. They will use up all their magic in early, easy encounters, leaving none left for battles that they actually require it for. They will die often, and usually for you, you are better off without them running around the battle field. They may not use the familiars giving to them that have the best abilities, instead, opting to attack with a mage or use magic with a brute force attacker. Moving on from that, the easy encounters are overwhelmingly mind-numbing, just forcing you to press x to attack and get the battle over with, whereas the challenging boss fights feel more like a coin toss than an actual battle dependent on skills.

Overall, the game is worth checking out due to the amazing visuals and creativity amongst the different worlds. It’s worth letting your mind wander through the vast impressiveness of the game, but just keep in mind that around the 10-15 hour mark you are going to be feeling the monotonous, repetitive elements of the game. My hopes of a game that inspires me where shattered for now. Fortunately, the Kingdom Hearts remastered edition will be out September 10th for my gaming pleasures.