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Top 5 Libertarian Socialists Rants Videos

LSRI wanted to take a moment to share my favorite current YouTube channel, Libertarian Socialists Rants by Cameron Watt. It’s the one YouTube channel that gets me giddy when new material is created.

As the title suggests, Libertarian Socialists Rants is an anarchist perspective on the political landscape, current world events, and the past. LSR’s has also taking on some of the more profound right-wing extremists, racists, and pro-capitalists across the YouTube field inducing hilariously enjoyable response videos.

Here is the link to Libertarian Socialists Rants YouTube channel.

Top 5 Favorite Videos from Libertarian Socialists Rants

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It’s not OK to be an Anarchist and Vote

anarchocom2Tim Hjersted recently posted a fine article entitled “Anarchists Who Vote Versus Anarchists Who Don’t Vote: Is There Really Only One True Way?” over at www.filmsforaction.org. In this article he argues that it may be better for anarchists to look at voting as a tool in the activist toolbox, albeit, a very ineffective tool he admits. He then discusses the ratio of an activist’s time spent on activism vs. electoral politics and makes the point that it is better to be 50/50 compared to 0/0. Finally, he makes the point that notable anarchists like Noam Chomsky did indeed support voting.

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