Discussing a Future Society with Different Individuals

Fellow Pro-RBE, PRO-TVP/TZM friends, I am curious about some insight on how you discuss/promote topics among different types of people. These cases are some of the common individuals that I meet and have conversations with. Also, I have supplied the most common results of dealing with these types of people. Feel free to let me know of some of your habits and results.
Case I: The careless friend.
This friend could not care less about the state of the world. He/she enjoys what the world has to offer (usually is well off according to today’s standards or gets by well enough). Usually their mind is consumed by sports, television, media, activities such as drinking/smoking/partying, etc. This person does not see the state of the world as an issue or of relevance to their life.

How do you go about promoting these ideas to them?
My answer: The only way to promote the ideas is to connect to what they enjoy. If they enjoy sports, try discussing the disadvantages of the current monetary system over the world of sports and the advantages of a RBE/future society. Try expressing how much more there is to life and what a future society may look like. Perhaps this will spark their interest. Ultimately, the best result would be for them to acknowledge it and perhaps fly the banner of an RBE. In general, these people are mostly lost-causes.
Case II: The system-involved friend.
This person loves politics. Usually a democrat or republican, this individual is heavily interested in the current system and perhaps making the world better through it. This individual is usually captivated by the two-party system and has a hard time seeing around it.
These are the fun cases. Individual is intelligent enough to know what is going on around them, so you need to show them the root causes of the problems and ask them to solve them. This can result in a number of answers. When they have a “solution” for all of these root problems, it’s usually a fairy tale in the current system and you can then explain why. The best result here is when they realize that there is no proper solution and thus the current system is inherently flawed. At best, these people will be proud advocates for a RBE, at worst, they will acknowledge your words and continue on with their daily system adoring lives.
Case III: The close-minded activist
Here, this individual is normally concerned with one or two main topics. Perhaps it’s a vegan whose only concern is converting people to a vegan lifestyle to eliminate the most suffering possible. Perhaps it’s a feminist who wishes to see more equality in the world among sexes. The idea here is that these people are dedicated to just a small cusp of the whole major problem.
The good news here is that these people see through some of the current system’s biggest problems. They are not deceived in their dedicated area and wish to seek truth (usually). The bad news is that these people can end up so dedicated towards their one goal, that all other missions become irrelevant to them. The reality is, that this system promotes a plethora of related problems that won’t be solved by petty protests or advocacy. Here, you can explain to them the root causes of the issues, and tell them why their major concern can be solved in an RBE future society. Generally, these conversations go pretty well and are influential for both parties, however, there are times where the person will have no interest in anything outside of the one issue. At best, the person becomes a staunch advocate for the future society, at worst they go on fighting the same one-dimensional fight that they’ve fought.
Case IV: The Hippie / Save the world Type
Usually spiritual, this person just wants to see the world become better. Can be a conspiracy-laced person, but in general, these people offer no tangible solutions to the world’s problems. They are experts in telling you what’s wrong and how the stars are not aligned properly to open their inner chakras, but their best solutions involve getting rid of banks and meditating.
To discuss TZM/TVP/RBE with this person is difficult for me. I believe these movements towards a future society are strictly anti-religion and in many cases, anti-spirituality, however in discussions with these types you can talk about the beauty of a future that destroys this system. The solution to many problems, and the ‘end’ of needless suffering (homelessness, poverty, etc.). Usually, you can connect with them on ideas such as patent problems (companies holding information), the wastefulness of the current system (amount of food thrown out), and the issues that the capitalism presents. Overall, this type will usually continue on with their life, but may use this society as a solution to what they see as the problems.
Case V: The intellectual pessimists

This individual is extremely smart. He/she can see the problems of the world and even realizes that there is no solution to them in the current system. For whatever reason, these people are unable to leave the current system and try to uphold it in a structure of pessimism regarding life. Perhaps they are egotistical and enjoy their place of high intelligence or power in society. Perhaps they have just worked too hard to move away from what they’ve accomplished. Who knows.

Dealing with these individuals is always interesting. They can often teach you about certain things and even offer insights into possible solutions. They key is to understand their morals and philosophies over life. Do they care about others? All others? If so, how can they use their position and/or intelligence to continue the current system’s problems? Can you show them that, in a future society, we are all better off? Science, mathematics, and engineering will all flourish in a better system. They will have endless activities to work on, often using their creative/intelligence to the best of its ability, reaching new highs in life. Best result is that they acknowledge it, can change their morals/philosophies due to the issue and actively work towards a future society. Worst case is they are upset at such a notion that they may be egotistical or that their work is not helpful to all beings of the world.

Here are just five cases that I’ve met. Just wanted to get some of this off my head. Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Discussing a Future Society with Different Individuals”

  1. You should create a forum here where each member can have his own goals list. Perhaps with all similar but a wider selection of goals to complete so we know the group is on roughly the same path. An organization name and a credo with separate subsections for each specialized discipline. I would contribute to the biology, linguistics, and agriculture section if this happened.

    Cheers mate!

    1. A forum is something I’ve often thought about creating.
      However, a forum takes a lot of work to get up and running. First, it needs to be done right, then it needs to be advertised to the correct people. These days a lot of people have no idea what a forum is due to social media. People are content with facebook groups.

      However, a forum is a very powerful, organized tool if done right. I have seen The Zeitgest Movement’s forums, but they are rather inactive.

      It is something to consider.

  2. I strive to help human progression and I try to put in all the effort I can to contribute to it. I see future societies diverging from class differences, racial complexity, and religious indifferences. In order to keep us living, I truly believe we must think about societies more abstractly. The idea of a society is so tight-bounded to a group of individuals that it’s almost sickening and causes nothing but hate. The first big step is to end religion, as ironic as it may seem, religion is a big reason behind all of the hate we are consistently exposed too.

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