Educational Videos (Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality, Binomial Theorem, Hermitian Matrices)

I feel that there is not a large enough presence of proof-based mathematics on YouTube. I would like to try to change that.

Here are a couple new ones I made (Hermitian and Unitary matrix video [not proof based], and Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality) and my most beloved video (Binomial Theorem Proof).

Cauchy-Schwartz Inequality Proof using Inner Product and Complex Analysis

Introduction to Hermitian and Unitary Matrices

Binomial Theorem Proof by Induction


As always, feel free to critically analyze the videos. It is a work in progress for me before I start to create a library of educational videos. These videos are videos meant to teach me what is working, and what isn’t.

Also, if you have any problems with the mathematics, comment and let me know. Did I make a mistake?



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