Matt Berkowitz’s Science Literacy Channel

A new educational channel dedicated to improving scientific literacy has been created by Matt Berkowitz. Some may remember Matt from his lecture on assessing scientific research here:

The channel’s first video with a description of what is ahead:

From the about section: “This channel is dedicated to improving public science literacy. Improving the world appears to be directly related to society’s alignment with an evidence-based approach to solving problems (social, economic, political, etc.). Therefore, one of the most important features to the public health of any society is the degree to which people are educated in scientific affairs.”

I strongly suggest subscribing and following this channel as Matt has been a beacon of scientific literacy for some time now. This is something that every human being should understand before engaging in debates about public policy. I also feel scientific literacy has a lot to do with one’s own well-being. Do yourself a favor and keep up to date with this project.

YouTube Channel Located here:
Facebook Page Located here:

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