Top 5 Libertarian Socialists Rants Videos

LSRI wanted to take a moment to share my favorite current YouTube channel, Libertarian Socialists Rants by Cameron Watt. It’s the one YouTube channel that gets me giddy when new material is created.

As the title suggests, Libertarian Socialists Rants is an anarchist perspective on the political landscape, current world events, and the past. LSR’s has also taking on some of the more profound right-wing extremists, racists, and pro-capitalists across the YouTube field inducing hilariously enjoyable response videos.

Here is the link to Libertarian Socialists Rants YouTube channel.

Top 5 Favorite Videos from Libertarian Socialists Rants

5. Anarchist Commentaries Episode 4: The Dumbest Anti-Communist Video Ever

This response video gets extra points because Scotty M. freaked out over this video. I mean, really? When you present such an incredibly weak argument, what do you expect? The color red, tho! Ha.

4. The Moronic Scribblings of Caiden Cowger

Here is Part 2 of a series of videos about this topic:

This series was what initially brought me to Libertarian Socialists Rant’s channel. Upon watching the series of responses to a terrible human being (Caiden Cowger), I was hooked. Enjoy the roast!

3. Solving The Crisis Of Our Environment: Part One

An excellent overview of the environmental crisis from an anarchist perspective. Contrary to the popular media’s fantasy approach towards environmental problems, this anarchist perspective offers a profound conclusion — end capitalism. This video also features a motivating quick speech near the end. “Unless we are radical in response, the destruction will continue. If we fight, we can possibly lose, if we don’t fight, we definitely lose. We have one option, and one option only. That is to create an economic alternative to capitalism and the state.”

2.Empathy Is For Feminazis

This response to an extreme anti-feminist really solidified my position on feminism and did so in a hilariously enjoyable way. Watch as a shameful anti-feminist gets destroyed. It was almost too easy of a target, but the laughs are well worth it.

1. Top 10 US-Backed Atrocities and Authoritarian Regimes 

A well researched and extremely enjoyable perspective on the good ‘ole United States of America and it’s support of extreme oppression around the world.

Favorite quote from the video: “He was so amazingly popular that he actually managed to get over 600,000 votes when there were only 450,000 registered votes. Ha, I know what you’re thinking,”hang on a minute, that doesn’t add up”. But shhh, don’t worry, that’s just because of all the freedom *seems legit*. Diem was a wholesome man of family values, and by family values I mean he was suspicious of anyone in the government who wasn’t a part of his family. He received considerable U.S. support because of his anti-communist stance and during his rule he rounded up suspected communist, whistle-blowers, and other opponents of his regime to be deported, imprisoned, tortured, and/or executed. 12,000 suspected opponents of the regime were killed between 1955 and 1957 and there were 40,000 political prisoners by 1958.”


I hope you take a moment to check out the channel. Cameron mixes extremely well researched, educational material with a highly entertaining style that you won’t find easily elsewhere.

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