Top 5 Libertarian Socialists Rants Videos

LSRI wanted to take a moment to share my favorite current YouTube channel, Libertarian Socialists Rants by Cameron Watt. It’s the one YouTube channel that gets me giddy when new material is created.

As the title suggests, Libertarian Socialists Rants is an anarchist perspective on the political landscape, current world events, and the past. LSR’s has also taking on some of the more profound right-wing extremists, racists, and pro-capitalists across the YouTube field inducing hilariously enjoyable response videos.

Here is the link to Libertarian Socialists Rants YouTube channel.

Top 5 Favorite Videos from Libertarian Socialists Rants

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Thoughts on an Unconditional Basic Income or a Minimum Wage Increase

In the 21st century it is entirely reasonable to house and feed every human being on the planet. The current system lacks the ability to make this goal a reality. Countless buildings sit empty and/or inhospitable and good food is consistently thrown out. Due to the abhorrent nature of the socioeconomic system we occupy, two inspiring ideas have emerged.

The Fight for $15 campaign promotes a minimum wage hike to compete against rising costs of living and seeks to secure a living wage for the hard-working people of this nation. They make the respectable claim that the current minimum wage employees cannot make enough to properly survive off of their current pay. This movement has grown in strength and has already had success on some ventures.

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