Review: 2014 Goals

As 2014 comes to an end, so too does the possibility of achieving any last-minute goals this year. I recall creating the goal list last December (2013) and mentally visualizing where I would be in preparation for 2015. I wanted to gather an education plan and transfer to a university (accomplished), become financially stable and work part-time to hasten my studies (accomplished), manifest my website into a personal hub of self-expression and utilize it towards my study goals (accomplished),  and learn as much as possible (accomplished sort of =p). However, I also wanted to take a vacation away from everything as I thought I would need to take some time to ‘relax.’ (failed, I don’t know how to ‘relax’) While I did not take this assumed vacation, the reason may be because I did not need to. I was perfectly content with my work-to-play balance throughout the year.

10863784_796039747099353_8167029573984411958_o I start 2015 off in a new home near my place of work and university. I have falling in love with office supplies and now I am the proud owner of three whiteboards in my room. I am within 30 seconds walking distance to UIC’s Richard Daley Library and Learning Center and have a set work and school schedule for the entire year ahead. 2015 promises to be a year dedicated to education for me with all the stars aligning to focus on my long-term goals.


Review of 2014 Goals:

Goals 2014 Link:

Goals Accomplished: 18
Goals Not Accomplished: 8

A 18:8 ratio is nothing to be proud of, however, a lot of the unaccomplished goals were due to poor vision on my part. Learning Japanese will come at the tail end of 2015, I grew away from video games and just didn’t have time to play them (2 failed goals), and as discussed, a vacation goal was unrealistic. Furthermore, I only completed 10 out of 12 books this year, however, I read a copious amount of unfinished books that I did not consider accountable towards the goal. My 2015 goal list reflects a new vision for my future and I have organized the goals into three departments: education, life, and “other” to account for this poor foresight.

The two major disappointments that occurred in the list were: “Evolve as an artist! Complete one great sketch/painting per month” and “Attend at least one ‘protest’ or ‘conference’ this year”. As my site tagline states, art is an important part of my life and I feel it is a necessary requirement towards communicating with a mass number of people. For 2015 I am going to be focused on math/science based art to redeem this goal. I also wanted to be more socially active throughout the community by attending local events, however, I was too busy being a mathematician to comply to my social goals.

Notable goals achieved were: “Transfer to a University in search for a Physics degree”, “Stay vegetarian for the entire year” [Now Vegan], “Help a complete stranger”, “Reach over 3 million energy points on Khan Academy”, and “Try a different sleeping pattern for at least 10+ days.”

The goal that I am most proud of is the Khan Academy 3 million energy points goal. To reach over 3 million energy points showcases a high amount of discipline towards my studies. Next year I hope to complete all tasks on Khan Academy by achieving 100% mastery of the ‘world of math’ and helping others out on the website. I also am very proud to have accomplished the tutoring goal as I took the knowledge that I had learned and helped others meet their educational goals.

Overall, 2014 was a beautiful year of change and it has set me up for a year of consistency and discipline towards achieving my long-term goals.

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