A Discussion on How to break the Cycle of Hatred

This is such a beautiful discussion. Even if you do not watch Naruto, you should be able to understand this discussion.

Will society ever exist in peace and understanding? Is it possible for humans to understand one another? In my opinion, I think it is. In the future, we will communicate in different ways then we do now. Our current communication is harmful to understanding. In a future world, we would communicate similarly to how scientist and engineers communicate. These people transcend language barriers as it is required for their jobs. There is no room for open interpretation in building a bridge.

What is so compelling about this discussion is the reality that both people (Pein and Naruto) suffered from the same societal problems and decided to respond in similar ways. Both idealistic dreamers wished to change the world for the better and create a better future, but failed to understand one another’s past. Similarly, our society creates instances of this exact phenomena. Through poverty, wars, and other problems we are constantly creating hate and people who seek revenge. If we truly want to reach a level of peace, we first need to understand this and wash away the past. Only once we start to treat each human being (note: expand it to every conscious being) like we treat our ‘family members’ will we start down the road of peace. We need to see each other as brothers, sisters, and loved ones and not as ‘outsiders’ to build past this cycle of hatred.

People often ask me why I trust people as I do, and this is precisely why. The world will never get better without this level of trust, and there is too much to gain from trying it out. Trusting others is a prerequisite to achieving a more civilized society.

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