Current Favorite AMV’s

AMV – Anime Music Video

Here’s a list of five of my favorite AMV’s that I’ve watched. Also, it is now one of my goals this year to create and upload an AMV inspired by these great creations!

1. EyesOnFire by Mentalfate

Creator Mentalfate has a plethora of high quality AMV’s available, but this one tops the list. The music, character, and visual effects all go hand in hand to create a compelling atmosphere. Also, Kurapika is amazing.

2. 【His Love Will Conquer All】Obito(Tobi) Amv by Darkitty669

Another one of my favorite creators, Darkitty669, produces a beautiful AMV that eloquently tells the story of one of my favorite characters in the Naruto universe, Obito Uchiha. Obito’s story is one filled with emotional rage after losing the love of his life.


3. I Am Stronger【AMV】 by DanielAMV’s

This AMV is filled with high energy music and an intense battle. A smart usage of visual effects helps create the atmosphere that blends everything together well. Oh, and the energy build up at 2:55 is perfect.


4. Netero vs Meruem「AMV」 by xEulerAMV’z

One of the more memorable battles in recent time showcases Netero vs. the ant King Meruem. The battle scenes merged well with the music and produced an enjoyable AMV.


5. Hunter x Hunter AMV – Lion by Chloe Miles

I couldn’t leave out my favorite moment from H x H. Episode 116 featuring Gon’s rage was made for intense AMV’s! Music fits Gon’s mood and the touch with Gon/Killua around the 2:40 mark helps bring the feels.

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