Current Favorite AMV’s

AMV – Anime Music Video

Here’s a list of five of my favorite AMV’s that I’ve watched. Also, it is now one of my goals this year to create and upload an AMV inspired by these great creations!

1. EyesOnFire by Mentalfate

Creator Mentalfate has a plethora of high quality AMV’s available, but this one tops the list. The music, character, and visual effects all go hand in hand to create a compelling atmosphere. Also, Kurapika is amazing.

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I’m Alive

I. Am. Alive.

My rage led me to climb many trees…

It’s been a tough 1.5 months for me, but I am now alive and back towards achieving my goals in life. I have struggled this past month with life and inspiration, but I survived through it and have learned a few important lessons through it:

1) Having a dream or purpose is critical towards sustained happiness.
2) Working towards something you love is better than living aimlessly and doing whatever you want, when you want.
3) I can use my ‘rage’ or my ‘anger’ to help fuel me and my determination when the going gets tough.
4) I don’t need to be accepted.

Anyway, I also got a chance to watch the entire 128 episodes of Hunter x Hunter (2011) in my anger/depression filled month, and WOW, what an excellent anime. I am completely in love with Komugi.

1974376_497713827007489_1190733193_oThere will likely be posts to follow on how great Komugi/Meruem are.

Oh, I also got accepted into UIC. I have about 23 days to decide whether I will accept their offer or not. If I do accept, it’s guaranteed debt, but I think it could be the experience I need, hmph.

I’ve also grown addicted to chess. I’ve actually checkmated a few people already!

Another key to life might be to make the best out of your low times. I can see that even in my depressed/anger filled month, I have been productive to an extent.

Good things are certainly to follow.