Transition to a Resource Based Economy: The First Step

earthdayoption2Many critics of wide social change agree that it is not possible to transition out of the current socioeconomic system of monetary exchange as it has grown too big to fail. They might argue: While a resource based economy may work in theory, the practical application of it would be impossible.

Unfortunately, if we continue on with the current monetary system we will end up with inevitable massive problems and therefore, we need to critically analyze how we can transition. Clearly, this is no easy task. I have identified that the first order to successfully transition out of a monetary system and into a resource based economy is to educate the public on what a Natural Law Resource Based Economy truly is.

I was driven to this conclusion through the debate on whether or not a RBE would be beneficial to society on Here we find a split decision with arguments on both sides of the spectrum. After reading a few of the ‘NO’ arguments it became clear that people have no idea what a RBE represents.

While a resource-based economy would have its benefits, it would also create many problems that could harm the overall economy.

In no way is a RBE involved with the current monetary system. A RBE rises above money and puts an end to the debt system. The so-called economy of today is what needs to end, not continue.

Our country works well with the economy we have.

Uh… No. Our country does not work well with the economy we have. Let’s remember that the definition of economy is ‘the careful management of available resources.’ We do not live in a successful economy when 3.1 billion go without clean water and millions of homeless line the streets while homes go people-less.

Using a resource based economy means people would have to go without the things that they have become accustomed to. Without money, people wouldn’t be able to afford to fix their homes or cars.

0Wow. People wouldn’t be able to fix things without money. This is true ignorance of what a RBE is. A ten minute Google search could have answered this argument. Money does not fix things, people and machines do. Amazingly, people still refer to monetary status when discussing a RBE. There simply is no poor or rich, thus, it is an incomprehensible argument.

If we are to rely on a resource based economy it will be ruled by the powerful psychopaths that know how to take more for their selves.

The people in power would have a frightening amount of power, power that would surely be abused from the inception.

At least here we have an argument centered on pessimism and not just complete ignorance, but an RBE provides us with no government, no corporations, and no money to dictate power. Military weaponry will be a thing of the past. There would be absolutely no one to represent this so-called power hierarchy.

One cannot simply just remove money from the equation – it serves so many useful purposes in our society that even without a central currency existing, people would still operate in a way that we can recognise today as being monetary in nature.

Money is here due to scarcity. We now live in a time when abundance is possible. Money is outdated and that is exactly why a RBE is rising in popularity and conceivability.

Would just lead to more wars & competition over resources

What do you think wars are fought over? Human rights? Good will? Hell no, it’s about resources & power.

Wow. Reading through this argument hurts my soul. First off, a RBE presents a new meaning of peace. For a RBE to truly develop, I believe that the world would have to embrace it. No longer would there be nations, but instead a civilized humanity. This would essentially end wars as we know it. Next, resources would be in abundance so the argument is scant either way.

Money is not the problem……

Just as people (not guns) kill people, people (not money) create all our problems.

Tell that to the 22,000 children that die each day due to poverty. (UNICEF)

Mall-NourishedCountless other arguments exist like this online. It’s clear that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done to destroy the misinformation. Unfortunately, some of the root concepts behind a resource-based economy are difficult to digest for the average person. It appears that an effort needs to be made towards making the concepts easier to understand. One of the best resources available is the new book entitled The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought.



13 thoughts on “Transition to a Resource Based Economy: The First Step”

  1. In an RBE economy what would motivate people to work? If you wanted someone to fix your car for you, what would you give them to compensate them for their work?

    1. I see two separate questions to this comment.
      1) What motivates people?
      2) How can we eliminate mundane tasks such as fixing a car?

      1) What Motivates people
      Motivation is an interesting concept in a Resource based economy and has been the center of debate for quite some time.
      What has been found is that people are motivated by self-mastery, new knowledge, challenges and so on, and NOT by money. This is represented in the TED talk:

      2) How can we eliminate mundane tasks such as fixing a car?
      On one hand, in a RBE items (such as cars) would be created with the best possible resources, made to NOT break as often as things do today. In the rare case that something does break there will be 3d printers and machinery that can fix the problem (essentially) for you.

      Let’s also remember that there is no need for personal property in a RBE as well. So in the rare situation that something does break, an easy solution would be to return it and pick a new one. Abundance!

      1. Yes people are motivated by self mastery, that is true.
        But when you say people aren’t motivated by money I think you may be misstating what you’re trying to say.
        Money is a motivating factor because it allows people to have something to exchange for their food, for their car, for their house. I think you are forgetting that money itself is inert matter, yes, but it is inert matter that is a *means to an end*

        What I was really asking was how would exchange be made? How would people trade? If someone else was growing oranges and I wanted some oranges what would I give him for those oranges?

        And also money has been a driving force for the economy. You can bet that if I didn’t have to fix cars for a living, I would stop spending all my time fixing cars. I have no interest in “self mastering that” other then getting paid

        I work 80 hour weeks. You think I would spend that much time fixing cars if I didn’t need to?

      2. I understand RBE would bring abundance so we wouldn’t need to fix cars and we’d have abundance, but we’d still need basic things done and people would want to be taken care of for their time spent

        1. Money is only a ‘motivating’ factor due to means to a need. It is a brutal force that creates inequality which leads to endless human problems (crime, education problems, obesity, stress, and so on). I would not consider money a positive motivator.

          There would be no need to try to ‘trade’ for oranges since abundance would be available.

          An RBE would free you from working 80 hours a week. Which is the goal.

          You seem highly interested. Unfortunately, my ability to convey messages is limited. One of the best books on this issue that I’ve read is: ‘Looking Forward’ by Jacques Fresco.

          This book describes a future in a RBE and how ‘basic’ things are completed. I highly suggest it. It is simply one view of what the future could hold, but I am sure your questions will be answered in this book (theoretically, at least).

  2. Well you said exactly what I was saying.
    Money is a motivating factor because it is means to a need.
    We both agree on this, yet you speak out against money?
    And I have to correct you there, money does not create equity, people create inequity

    Even if “abundance is available” someone still has to GROW the oranges and then they have to GIVE them to me in exchange for something right?

  3. Ismael,
    NO. Your fascination with money is flawed. The monetary system is and will always create inequality which leads to an abundance of social ills.

    Read: The Spirit Level (book on inequality and how it effects society)
    Read: Looking Forward (book explaining how life would be like in a RBE)

  4. Alright you got me.
    Why is my fascination with money flawed? Is it wrong to want to live a good luxurious life? With time freedom? And financial freedom? Is that wrong or is it right?
    I’m fascinated with earning money because it allows me to be free of slavery.
    Losing 80 hours a week being employed (when I don’t actually want to do that) just so I can afford to eat is slavery. You realize that right?

    1. In a RBE, abundance is maintained FOR ALL. There IS no more “someone else” to grow “their” oranges. What is grown, raised, manufactured, or produced in a global society of ONE humanity, is equally and abundantly provided TO and FOR everyone. If there are oranges being grown… they are being grown to simply be GIVEN to those with a need for them. You covet someone else’s food or car or TV, because in today’s society, those things are limited…scarce. And because you don’t HAVE that thing. In a RBE, you would already HAVE some of whatever that thing is provided to you in resource distribution centers. The need for money, or even trade is eliminated. The POINT is that you have your OWN oranges. You don’t NEED anyone else’s. Does that make more sense?

  5. My friend,

    A RBE is a hypothetical system at this time. We’re talking two completely different worlds. One in which a monetary system reigns supreme and the other being an RBE.

    RBE =/= Monetary System.

    Money is irrelevant in a post-scarcity natural law resource based economy. In a monetary system of course it is beneficial to have financial freedom, but that’s not what this topic is about.

    Ismael, your passion is always admirable and you deserve for me to put more input into my responses to you. Unfortunately, I am extremely busy with shcool and work, but I promise I will keep your thoughts on this topic in my mind.

  6. I know I’m a lil late to this topic, but I stumbled on it now and was just curious how you doing Michael? It’s been 3 years since you posted about RBE not being viable. You still feel the same? Has your life quality improved after exerting so much energy on material goodies? Or have you come around yet? The light shines bright this side my man, let me tell you. I think one thing I didn’t see mentioned which I feel is actually quite important is the drive of human beings. If we are freed to exert all our efforts towards our own personal ambitions whatever they may be without want, as it would be in a RBE then our potential is mind staggering. Holla back I’m curious.

  7. Are you still operating this site? I absolutely love the concepts of an RBE but i have a deep fear of the Banksters and other Elites. Will they preserve their monopoly game and attempt to destroy any attempts to set up a society based on global abundance? I want you to be aware also that according to a friend of mine who is an astrophysicist we are at the beginning stages of the next ice age and we will all need to move to the tropics to survive. Please view his research at the following sites:

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