Pre-Polyphasic Sleep Planning and Goals


2013 -04 -18

Polyphasic sleeping is something I stumbled upon while researching other things. This sleeping technique refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times over a 24 hour period. In particular, I was most interested in the Uberman approach which consists of six thirty minute naps separated by equal intervals of 4 hours throughout the 24 hour period. A common approach has been to sleep at 2am, 6am, 10am, 2pm, 6pm, and 10pm, resulting in ~3 hours of sleep per day instead of the normal ~8 hours of sleep. Clearly, the reason to try this is to free up extra time, but exactly how much time would you free up? Saving ~5 hours a day equates to 35 hours a week which is roughly 150 hours a month. Ultimately you would be gaining over two extra months of free time in a time span of a year. I have always been someone who wants to accomplish more than I’ve had time to do so, so these benefits are too great to pass up.

The goal of polyphasic sleep is to immediately enter stage 5 rapid eye movement sleep instead of requiring 5-6 hours to get there (regular monophasic sleep). Stage 5 REM is said to be the essential part of sleeping. Some list it as the only part of sleep that is required. The Uberman approach configures your brain to immediately gain stage 5 REM status upon sleep. Thus, your two to three hours of sleep become just as valuable as your neighbors eight hours last night.

The current plan is to start this routine sometime next week, likely Wednesday, April 24th, 2013. This gives me a little over five days to prepare my body for this sudden change. Currently I have minimal caffeine intake (which doesn’t seem like a smart thing to include in this new routine) and I have been a relatively healthy person compared to society. I plan on changing my diet to a vegetarian regiment in hopes of maximizing my results. Water and juicing will be incredibly important for me down this new path. I’ve read that the Uberman routine will require more food intake to compliment the longer hours of being awake. It will be critically important to not eat before napping as that tends to cause issues while sleeping.

If all goes to plan I hope to continue this routine for at least half a year, and possibly the extended future. The main motivation behind it is to enable myself to launch projects I’ve always dreamed of doing such as this website, writing, studying a wide range of topics, and being more active amongst the community. I assume the first 10 days will be the most difficult so I plan on ‘forcing’ myself through the first three weeks. If by the 21st day I see no improvements then I will call it off in the name of health. My blog will be used as a journal to keep notes for myself. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the possibility of lucid dreams.

Steve Pavlina tried the Uberman approach out back in 2005 and apparently had major success with it. One of my highest inspirations Federico Pistono also tried it out with success. Both places are excellent starting points if you wish to learn more about Polyphasic sleep.

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