PURPOSE: The purpose of this website is to facilitate my learning process through blogging, web development, and social networking. Also, I use this web space to track my progress made towards my goals and ambitions.

ABOUT:  This is the official page of Ronald Joniak. I currently attend the University of Illinois at Chicago for a double degree in physics and mathematics.
I became interested in activism and the world shortly after 2002 and have since been evolving my worldview. My activist interests include (but are not limited to) animal rights, feminism, abolishing capitalism, transhumanism, climate change, and applying scientific thought to dictate political decisions.
Being in a constant flux of new experiences and education, I am currently developing life projects and goals. Some of these interests are to promote a better understanding and appreciation of scientific thought throughout the world to increase rational thinking, find technological solutions to combat climate change and increase earth sustainability.
I have various research interests that typically deal with astrophysics or planetary science. One can view these by clicking on “Research” on the above menu.

On a lighter note, I enjoy gaming, anime, and playing around on educational websites. Some of my favorite game series are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 (as evident on my YouTube channel), and Ni No Kuni. For a list of my anime taste, you can find me on anime-planet. Additionally, I hold a project on this website regarding JRPG game reviews. You can find these by clicking under “Projects” on the top menu bar.

If you need to contact me, please use the social media tab found in the side menu section of this website.

Prior to open communication, please read my post on rational communication.

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